Business units

5 business units with specific focus and expertise

HidroDeta operates in different product sectors and, thanks to its flexibility and capacity, is able to offer its customers solutions that go far beyond hydraulics, ensuring a design contribution recognized today throughout the world. A reliable partner able to support the client in all phases of development.


We are able to design and manufacture a wide range of hydraulic power units for the most diverse areas and sectors of application: machine tools, presses, the cement industry, the maritime sector, material handling, metal and plastic processing machines, rubber and plastic production, testing machines, woodworking machines and more.


For years we have been leaders in the engineering and construction of equipment for polypropylene and polyethylene production plants. Our units are suitable for installation inside petrochemical centres and include the entire automation system for the control of operating cycles.

Oil and gas

Among the pioneers of the sector, we are synonymous with an absolute guarantee. In the oil/gas field we are able to support the client in the design and manufacture of HPU to operate actuators for valves on pipelines for ESD, HIPPS, WHCP.


Our hydraulic systems are used for hydro-electric equipment, for the production and distribution of gas and to regulate the diverters of combined cycle turbo-gas units. 


Eco-friendly HidroDeta, as a part of world’s recycling system, takes care of equipment used in this sector and extends life of machinery items restoring, maintaining and refubrishing them, reducing pollution of our planet , following principes of Lean Production.

Need fast help?

Need fast help?

Our qualified technical staff is at your service to help you identify the most suitable solution.

HidroDeta stands out on the market for highly specialized and constantly updated technical staff, both in the planning-consulting phase and in the production phase.