Bosch Rexroth Components

hydraulic pump repair-Bosch-Rexroth
Direct operated variable vane pump rexroth
Axial plunger pump variable rexroth 1
Axial piston pump rexroth
hydraulic valve rexroth 1
Hydraulic Pump Replacement for Bosch Rexroth
Pressure Switch Rexroth
Proportional directional valve Rexroth
synchronous servo motor rexroth
Air preparation devices and units rexroth
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rexroth hydraulic pump r900936760
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Bosch Rexroth Components

Since foundation HidroDeta has been dealing with the Rexroth brand “A Bosch Company”, world leader in the field of hydraulic components and systems for industrial and mobile applications. Over the years, we have kept ourselves constantly updated, improving our skills and qualification.

HidroDeta, in addition to providing integrated turnkey hydraulic systems, manages a warehouse, where one can find in stock a wide range of products. Thanks to our highly qualified staff we are able to support the client in the choice of use of Rexroth components, for the construction of hydraulic systems.The range of Rexroth products distributed includes:

  • Fixed displacement axial piston pumps and engines
  • Variable displacement axial piston pumps and engines
  • External gear pumps and engines
  • Internal gear pumps
  • Vane pumps
  • On-off valves: block valves, seat valves and slide valves (direct or pilot control)
  • Proportional valves
Need fast help?

Need fast help?

Our qualified technical staff is at your service to help you identify the most suitable solution for your needs

HidroDeta stands out on the market for highly specialized and constantly updated technical staff, both in the planning-consulting phase and in the production phase.